Virtual Conferences

Invite speakers, host multi-track sessions for your next Partner Meet, AGM, or Leadership Conclave.

Virtual Expos

Host virtual trade shows with complete flexibility on the number and type of booths. We offer a  wide range of features that include customization, sponsor branding and end to end encryption for chats, voice and video calls between exhibitors and visitors, while ensuring a complete hassle free experience for organisers, exhibitors and visitors.

Virtual Product Launches

Reach your audience globally and unveil your new product or update in the most dramatic way.

Virtual Employee Engagement

Keep everyone working together and on the same page for a good remote working experience.

Virtual Annual Days

Reiterate the vision of your brand and motivate the employees with a one of its kind celebration.

Virtual Press Conferences

Full range of options for inviting, managing and following up with media personnel to help you run an effective press conference at any time, from anywhere.

Virtual Networking Events

A get-together of alumni or a congregation of movers and shakers. Create engaging moments with extensive collaboration tools and provide attendees with a virtual community.

Virtual Protocol Events

Greater opportunities with lesser protocols online. Create more to the event while highlighting the presence of dignitaries.

Virtual R&R Events

Keep the excitement and energy of an awards ceremony alive and continue to recognise the achievements around you.

Virtual Marathons

Everyone runs his/her own race, literally. Create remote, flexible and rewarding races that reiterate your purpose.

Virtual Weddings

Destination wedding, theme wedding or big fat wedding. Whatever is your pick, the possibilities are endless, like love.

Virtual Walkthrough

Teleport your customers to your facility through an immersive 360° experience and connect them to your sales team.

Virtual Training and Workshops

Connect with your team for online training sessions and conduct workshops with the ease of digital logins.

Hybrid Events

Live, face-to-face events that also offer virtual components. Experience the best of both the worlds.

Virtual Factory Visit


Unique Event Portal

Custom URL and landing page for your event. An all in one page with event information, registration and payment gateway integration.

Scalable Shows

The event is tailor made to your brief, be it a small meetup for 50 people or a large trade show for 50000 people.

Speed and Security

Enterprise grade platform hosted on Azure and built with access speed, end to end encryption for chats, voice and video calls between exhibitors and guests, data security and user privacy.

Enhanced Interaction

Extensive tools to let the guests interact through text, voice and video.  Add layers of gamification such as audience polls, quizzes & contests.

Robust Analytics

Built in activity tracker to generate reports at an aggregate and attendee level such as time spent in each zone, resources downloaded, chat logs, etc

On Demand Videos

Event recordings are hosted on the platform for a maximum of 30 days for guests to access them post the event.

User-friendly Platform

No downloads required. The guests access the event through any modern browser from any popular browser and from any device like PC, laptop, tab or mobile.

Resource Downloads

Resource centres at relevant touchpoints to download agenda, speaker profiles, catalogues, brochures, product videos, etc.

Push Notifications

Monitor traffic in different zones and send customized push notifications to drive traffic to specific booths or chat rooms anytime during the event.

Multimedia Content Creation

Storytelling through static and dynamic visuals in line with your brand requirements, to make the show impactful and memorable.

Marketing & Publicity

Integrated emails, SMS reminders, WhatsApp promotions or digital amplifications; marketing your virtual event is on us.

Technical Support

Our expert team will train you to manage your dashboard and assist throughout the event and ensure smooth execution from start to finish.

The Venue

If the virtual world was a city, our venue would be a landmark. Here is THE DESTINATION to host your next virtual show. It is aesthetic yet functional and defies all geographical and architectural barriers. The different touch points are thoughtfully recreated to offer an experience at par with an on-ground event or exhibition. Welcome to the dynamic and truly international venue.

Entry & Lobby

On entering the venue, the guests get an immersive experience, as they walk through an attractive lobby to access the event arena. The different touch points here can be customized based on the theme of the event. Welcome videos, agenda and more will be available at the click of a button.

Information Desk

A help desk is setup in the lobby to enable a hassle-free experience for guests who log in. Guests visit the desk to seek answers for FAQs or connect with the organizers through a chat or video call to have their queries answered.

Networking Lounge

An exclusive lounge for participants to interact with each other as a group or in a one to one chat room. They can access a list of visitors available in the venue at that point in time and can choose a connection to interact with or get recommendations based on their interests.  Social Media integration further ensures they never miss a beat.

Exhibition Halls

Exhibitors can choose one of our virtual booths that are unique in design and customizable. They can showcase their products or services and interact with guests in a dedicated private chat room. Guests can easily navigate through the list of exhibitors or hall view. They can also download brochures, business cards, presentations and product videos from each booth.

Conference Halls

Give your event the power and flexibility of our platform. Choose a Conference hall and host live, semi-live, hybrid & pre-recorded sessions with any number of audience and panelists. The hall is loaded with features as impactful as in-person events- live polls, Q&A sessions, networking, accessing speakers from remote locations, multiple sessions, thematic visuals and everything that is on your event checklist.

Customized Venue

The platform is very versatile and customisable. Be it an exhibit booth or conference hall set design, you can personalize existing 3D models and add branding touchpoints. Venues can also be tailor made to meet your requirements and suit your theme and preferences. Tell us what you have in mind. We will bring it to life.

Why Us

Technology backed by human expertise. Our team brings to the table two decades of experience in on ground events and trade shows for leading brands across verticals.

We help you curate the show based on your objectives, the requirement of the brand and the nuances of the audience. We execute it as scripted, offering you complete peace of mind.

We are more than just technology solution providers. We are thinkers. We are storytellers. We create out of the world experiences which could have been nearly impossible in a physical event.

A dedicated show director to run the show for you oversees the different teams, helps the presenters coordinate the cues, rehearse the AV portions and make sure all presentations go on without a glitch.

A console with state-of-the-art software and AV tools to display, record and live stream your content all at the same time.

Parallel online sessions to test your audio, video and devices to avoid last minute surprises and also interact with the host and other speakers, getting to know them before you go live.

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